Impex Continental has been active in tissue business since its origin.

Worldwide renowned manufacturers and leaders in the construction of machinery for the production, converting, packaging and processing of tissue paper lean on our collaboration.

Years of presence in this sector and our good relationship with clients led us to nowadays position to be able to offer the complete range of machinery for tissue field, giving at the same time to our clients the big advantage to have a single referent.

Complete packaging machine

Impex Continental is agent of Infinity Machine & Engineering, one of the leaders of the high performance packaging machinery and services for the tissue converting industry. Infinity designs machinery to customer specifications, and applies the latest mechanical and electrical technologies to ensure the best in long term operation efficiency. Reduce your labor costs, create efficient operating cells, and increase production with machinery produced by Infinity.

Product range:
- Fully automatic high speed multi-pack poly wrapper for bath tissue and towel rolls. Combining Italian design refinement with US ruggedness, their machines is designed for operational ease, low maintenance & overall line efficiency.
- Single roll wrapper
- Casepackers. Designed for tissue rolls/packs, folded product box product, industrial roll and many other products of various configuration.
- Poly bundlers. Designed for tissue rolls/packs, folded products, boxed product, industrial product and many other products.
- Casepacker/ bundler combination System (Infinity Infusion 2.1). Designed to automatically erect a KD, collate the incoming product, fill a case, and discharge onto a live roller conveyor… or upend the product, feed poly through an adjustable former, seal and cut the ends of the package, and discharge a bundle onto a live roller conveyor. Being interchangeable from a casepacker to bundler, this machine has the flexibility to handle all of your downstream packaging requirements, without having 2 separate conveyors/diverting systems.
- Servo Diverter.
- Conveying Systems.

Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp. was founded by three partners with a diverse range of experience spanning a combined 50 plus years in automation, engineering and business development. The vast majority of those years have been spent in tissue converting. Thus, Infinity was created to provide the best automation and engineering services available in the world to the tissue converting industry.

Infinity has their offices in Green Bay (USA) and Bologna (Italy). Places known around the world as the tissue packaging capitals of the World.

The Company philosophy is to Focus on strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers; Develop a broad range of best-in-class products and services; Exercise the best engineering and business practices available with applied technology as a cornerstone; Design and build machines per our customers’ specifications.

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Paper plants

Impex Continental is agent of the company Toscotec SpA, that is one of the major designers and manufacturers of complete plants and equipment for the production of tissue, paper and board.

Toscotec was founded in Lucca in 1948 with the purpose to give qualified assistance to the paper mills operating in the area of Lucca. In more than 60 years of activity, Toscotec gained a broad know-how and significant experience that brought it to become the "made in Italy" reference company among the multinational paper machine suppliers.

Its work philosophy is to realize state-of-the-art and customer tailored equipment that combine quality of the components, technical innovation, high performance, energy and fibre saving, which enable the paper mills and tissue converters to produce high quality finished products, which is one of the main conditions to be competitive on the market.

Toscotec proposes a complete range of products and services: tissue machines (crescent former and TAD), paper and board machines, rewinders, stock preparation plants with focus on the use of waste paper, technical assistance, consulting and engineering for process and plants, rebuilding and upgrading of existing plants and paper machines, supply of "turn-key" plants.

The combination of Toscotec high quality products and Impex Continental great contribution in terms of presence on the market, experience and commercial promotion, already brought excellent results and gives bright outlook for the future.

Impex Continental is Toscotec agent for Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

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Complete packaging machinery for afh products

Impex Continental is agent of DM PACK who in 15 years' of experience creates, designs, develops and manufactures a vast range of packaging machinery: from machinery for entry level packaging and entry level cartoning machines to customised, tailor-made systems for all sectors and customised lines for primary and secondary packaging.
DM Pack specialise in packaging 360° and management of complete solutions for each new product.

DM PACK designs and manufactures all its packaging machinery in Italy. In recent years, innovation in the design of our machinery had the main objective of offering high performance and guaranteeing the user an easy to use machine.

From the smallest to the most extensive, from the cheapest to the most expensive, DM PACK machines must be a performing tool in product packaging. This is why their packaging, L-shaped sealers, side sealing & flowpack, heat shrinking tunnel , sleeve wrapper bundler, cartoning, tray packer and wrap around machines were all designed to perform most of their movements electronically, capable of saving and referencing "recipe" programs on a touch screen, avoiding time wasting with manual adjustments.

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Production Lines for Handkerchiefs, Wrapping Machines for Tissue and Paper Products

Among other equipment and technologies, Impex Continental can propose you:
- TABLE NAPKIN WRAPPERS: single stack; single / double stack; bulk pack;
- NON-WOVEN WRAPPERS flat in single or double stack

Converting lines for afh folded products (V, Z & W folded products)

Among other equipment and technologies, Impex Continental can offer complete tissue converting lines for the production of hand towels, facial tissue, napkins and other folded products.

Converting lines for rolls

Impex Continental is agent of Gambini SpA, one of the leaders - renowned and highly estimated worldwide - in the production of machines and complete lines for the production of top quality toilet paper, kitchen rolls and AFH products.

Thanks to a very dynamic and client oriented approach, mixed with great attention and interest in technological research and development, Gambini gained year by year the leading position that now occupies on the market, being one of the foremost tissue converting machinery producers worldwide.

The positive trend finds confirmations everywhere, in North and South America, in the Middle and Far East, in Africa, but has its best example in the markets where Gambini leans on Impex Continental cooperation. In these markets the company grew up solidly and consistently. The winning combination of Gambnini excellent products and Impex Continental presence on the market resulted in numerous installed lines and satisfied customers.  

The main reason behind this success can be found in the product, which reflects the great values and the ethic of the company, and which is developed according to clear principles: quality, versatility, safety, innovation, environment and customer care.

The flagship unit that really represents Gambini concept of production and innovation and that makes his machinery so unique is the last released embossing station TOUCHMAX which allows the manufacturing of 6 different products with an automatic product changeover time done in 3 minutes only directly from the HMI control panel, external to the machine, in complete safety for the operator.

flexlessGambini strength consists also in the fact that, besides complete tissue converting lines, they can make also high quality upgrades of almost all existing lines.
AskGambiniIt offers also mechanically engraved embossing rolls and keeps its recognized ability for retrofitting in to almost all existing machines.

Gambini work philosophy is to build machinery in function of customers' needs, the markets in which they operate and the product they require to be competitive.
Customer care and satisfaction is also Impex Continental mission that, with the tight cooperation with Gambini, we realize day after day giving a prepared and fast support to all our clients.

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ProJet BV – professional high-pressure water jet technology, Cleaners & Tail Cutters

Impex Continental is agent of ProJet BV the company with many years experience in the paper, board, tissue and nonwovens industries. It’s production optimizing equipment offers cost effective and high quality solutions for every challenge in the production line. Users of ProJet equipment gain a competitive advantage from production flexibility and increased runability.

ProJet BV can offer you:

1. Different types of ProCleaners and Shock Cleaners for paper& board, tissue, pulp, nonwoven, glass fiber mat and insulation mat/gypsium board industries:
- power cleaner for dryer fabrics continuous & batch cleaning
- shock cleaner for dryer fabrics batch or discontinuous cleaning
- procleaner, type dc for dryer fabrics
- procleaner type f & p for former fabrics and press felts
- power cleaner type 4000
- backing roll cleaner
- power cleaner for nonwoven

2. Tail Cutters for paper & Board and pulp and tissue industry:
- dual tail cutter (tail and deckle cutter) for wet section
- single tail cutter for wet section

3. High pressure water jets for paper & board industry:
- single high pressure water jet for dryer section

4. Radial Saw for paper & board industry:
- radial saw for dryer section

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