SectorTissue paper

Toscotec is a global leader and a benchmark in the tissue paper and cardboard industry. It was chosen to be part of the Voith group because it is the best in the sector, and today it can boast clients and references from the most important world producers.

Experience, development and quality describe it:

  • has decades of experience; produced its first complete tissue paper machine in 1963 and then continued to evolve until created the world’s first Steel Yankee Cylinder in 2000, the TT SYD;
  • every day develops highly technological systems to create machinery with maximum efficiency and energy savings;
  • ensures quality because can monitor the entire production process within its eight production plants in Lucca and in the exclusive facility dedicated to the construction of the TT SYD, the Steel Yankee Cylinder in Massa.

Toscotec offers turnkey plants and solutions to expand or improve existing facilities.


For more than fifty years FIS Impianti has been designing, building and installing machines and complete systems for the handling and packaging of medium and large reels using plastic films and kraft paper.

Since the 1980s, the company has specialized in the tissue sector, developing a line of semi-automatic or fully automatic wrapping machines, as well as a series of machines for handling paper rolls, from the paper mill to the final shipping stage.

FIS is a prestigious company that looks to the future thanks also to its Twister system capable of packing up to 120 reels/hour, up to a length of 4,500 mm, with a diameter of 2,500 mm and a weight of 10 t. Today it is present in the most important production plants in over 50 countries around the world.


For 150 years, Gambini has defined its creations as “Not simply excellent: just the best” because they are. From reels to rolls. From automatic unwinders to log saws. From industrial to consumer rolls. Together with the best embossing and winding solutions available on the market, the large Gambini family aims not only to satisfy its clients, but also its end consumers.

Gambini has designed two great integrations: TouchMax and AirMill that adapt to existing production lines, increasing their efficiency and giving excellent, beautiful embossing characteristics that make them the spearhead of the company.

Furthermore, inside the Gambini TissueHub is the only tissue converting line available on the market in real width (2,850 mm) and with a speed of 700 m/min, equipped with AirMill.

Here clients can test their products and touch Italian perfection with their hand.

Yes, because Gambini produces its machinery entirely in its Italian production facilities, to constantly provide top-quality standards and offer a highly specialized service.


Over the years, we at Impex Continental have collaborated and selected excellent Italian companies, specialized in the production of machinery for interfolded products.

Thanks to our team of experts, we can estimate your project and suggest the right combination and the best solution, perfectly adapted to your needs and your facility.

Pulsar Engineering carries out the engineering, production and creation of handling and transport solutions for the packaging, tissue and automation industries, it is also a manufacturer of special automatic packaging, feeding and sorting machines for the tissue market. 

Strongly motivated towards the search for innovative solutions, Pulsar Engineering has filed numerous patents and the awards obtained testify to the company’s vocation towards experimentation and innovation. In just a few years, more than 100 systems and 8 complete factories have been built on behalf of the major tissue producers.

The experience gained in many installations and the trust of customers, world leaders in their activities, is an incentive for the company to always do better and to always look for the solution even when it seems not to exist.


Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp is a world leading manufacturer of high performance machinery for packaging in the tissue paper industry and in particular in the compartment of rolls for domestic use.

Infinity has sales, service, engineering and most importantly manufacturing facilities in both Green Bay, WI (USA) and Bologna (Italy), two cities considered the tissue packaging capitals of the world. In particular, Italian production has made it possible to create a bridge with Europe and Eastern Europe and to provide assistance in real time.

This company does its utmost to achieve perfection and make its customers achieve success.

Infinity has a balanced group of employees, who carefully combines energy and high ambitions, with experience and wisdom, to adapt perfectly to the needs of its clients, always finding a solution to every requirement, in a flexible way.


DM Pack conceives, designs, plans and manufactures a wide range of machines for packaging products in the tissue industry and in particular those of an industrial type, completely Made in Italy.

It works side by side with its clients to find the most appropriate packaging solutions for their needs, creating machines not only aimed at achieving increasingly higher operating speeds, but above all utmost efficiency, functionality and reliability.

In its first 15 years of business activity, DM Pack has completed 5,600 fully automated machine installations worldwide, making it one of the most advanced and competitive companies on the market.


Since 1978, 45 years of continuously evolving experience. 

Sorgato is an Italian company specialized in the design, production and installation of customized industrial systems for dust collection, air purification and waste management, with customized solutions, geometries and dimensions, in order to make them perfect for the environment in which they will be installed.

Sorgato dust extraction systems are recognized as a reference in the world of tissue at an international level thanks to:

  • maximum efficiency in the removal of dust, smoke or production waste;
  • reduced energy consumption and low environmental impact;
  • perfect integration on production lines;
  • particular attention to ergonomics and use aspects by line operators.

An organized company made up of expert professionals: this is how it offers its customers the quality, flexibility and innovation that has always distinguished them.


SectorDisposable Hygiene Products

Fameccanica is the place where every idea can take shape and where every requirement can find an answer. A place where machinery, robots and digital systems are created thanks to people and the services they provide.

The company has made innovation its philosophy and its strength; creating something new and better than anything that already exists, to thus become the benchmark for the world’s major groups and the market, the demands of which increase day after day.

An indispensable reality in the industrial world to create products essential to the human beings of today and tomorrow:

  • technology and robotics for e-commerce warehouses, packaging, storage, labelling and liquid bottling;
  • solutions and automated lines for the production of absorbent disposable hygiene products, including packaging for the baby, female and adult sectors;
  • robotic solutions and automated and modular production lines for the assembly of household and personal care products.

The Fameccanica group needs to be present in every corner of the world to respond to the needs of its clients and to do so, two other facilities, twins of the Italian headquarters, have been established in the United States and in China, in which production, experience and ability strictly comply with the standards of excellence of the original facility.



Over the years, we at Impex Continental have collaborated and selected excellent Italian companies, specialized in the production of robotics systems for warehouse automation.

Thanks to our team of experts, we can estimate your project and suggest the right combination and the best solution, perfectly adapted to your needs and your facility.